Sailboat owner since more than 30 years, my passion for sailing and technics have lead me to this adventure.
I wanted to replace my defective mooring absorbers, but I didn’t found a product on the market that would answer to all current mooring requirements asked by harbour master’s offices : no use of chains on mooring devices to preserve mooring cleats. My job as industrial technician has naturally lead me to search for a solution, and to develop a product. The first prototypes which equiped my sailboat gave very positive results. This products don’t use chains anymore, is quiet and has a huge absorbtion capability.
Therefore, encouraged by other sailmen and collegues, I decided to continue to develop this product and registered a patent. Currently, I produce and sell the product myself/Amartec has three versions to equip boat between 7 and 12 meters (22 and 40 feet).

Propriétaire Amartec technicien industrialisateur