Schéma amortisseur d'amarre à ressort Amartec

This principle of operation is protected by a registered patent.


Use of a caoutchouc profile built to absorbe the efforts on the Y-axis.
The principle of operation is to transform the F efforts generated on the X axis, into a Y resultant force.
This effort transfer is done by a rope with a double 8 shape (pantograph principle).
The shock absorption is obtained lenghthwise and results in a squashing of the profile.
In order to prevent friction on the crossing point of the rope inside the profile, a gap exists between the upper and lower side of the profile. This gap allows the rope to cross without contact.
This principle avoids the wear of the rope, and increases the reliability of the product.

Animation ressort d'amarrage en caoutchouc Amartec


This animation represents the profile reaction under a load applied on both opposite sides of the profile, which was optimized in order to be the most resistant under compression, while ensuring the range of use.
An analysis was performed in order to optimize the shape and material of the profile for this applocation.
The result of this study allowed Amartec products to have so a wide range of use.
A specific extrusion tool was created to realize this optimized profile.

Courbe d'essais en laboratoire du ressort mouillage Amartec


Pulling tests were conducted to validate the calculations and acceptable constraints for each variant of Amartec product.
On the graph below, you can notice that the specified range of use of Amartec products has a high security coefficient. The absorber ability can momentarily withstand much higher efforts.
Accelerated aging tests were conducted : moist heat and salt spray tests have validated the good durability and functionality of Amartec materials and products.
All the tests conducted are a guarantee for the protection of ships and port mooring appparatus.


All components of Amartec range of products :
– are in accordance with environmental standards.
– remain insensitive to marine atmosphere degradations.
– are completely made in France.
The EPDM material used for producing the profile is treated against UV.
Ressort de mouillage made in France Amartec 100% Français